Save the Children Western


Save the Children at Western is dedicated to protecting and promoting awareness of children’s rights, not only in developing countries but also making a local impact here in London. Our vision is to create effective changes that positively affect children in the present. Through education and community involvement we hope to have a lasting impact for the future. We welcome you to join us in participating with our mission to give children a healthy, happy and safe childhood. Becoming involved in Save the Children Western will enhance your university experience as a whole through a developed sense of connection to not only the Western campus, but the London community itself. Help make real change in the London children’s community and become a member today!  As a member, you will have the opportunity to volunteer with our 5+ charity partners. Save the Children Western is proud to announce we will have continued initiatives with these partners throughout the 2020/2021 school year. COVID-19 has brought on challenging times for everyone and the children in the London community need our support now more than ever! We look forward to the return of our old members, and for the addition of our news ones.