Club Memberships

Clubs Week may be over but you can still pay for your membership online at this secure site right up until February 2019. Check out the 200 clubs below – you are sure to find one (or more) that interest you!

Please ensure you provide your email address when you register. Your address must be provided to become an official club member!

The Clubs Systems is a service provided by your University Students’ Council. When you support the USC on your Western Fee Bill, you are supporting important student focused activities like this.


ThumbnailsProduct TitlePriceAction
A Cappella Association of Western $15.00 Add
Abolition Project Against Human Trafficking $10.00 Add
Active Minds Western $15.00 Add
Advancements in Medicine Society $10.00 Add
African Students’ Association $5.00 Add
ALS Western (UWO) $10.00 Add
Alzheimer’s Western Club $5.00 Add
Amnesty International at Western $8.00 Add
Anthropology Society $5.00 Add
Arab Students Association $10.00 Add
Asian Christian Fellowship $10.00 Add
PlaceholderAssoc. of Learning and Preserving the History of World War 2 in Asia (ALPHA) $5.00 Add
Association of International Relations $10.00 Add
Association of Role Players $5.00 Add
Autism Awareness Western $5.00 Add
Bangladeshi Students’ Association of Western $10.00 Add
Best Buddies Western $5.00 Add
Beyond the Books $10.00 Add
Bicycle Safety and Awareness Club $5.00 Add
Black Students’ Association (BSA) $10.00 Add
PlaceholderBoard Games – Western $9.00 Add
Breakdancing Club $5.00 Add
Calligraphers of Western $10.00 Add
Canadian Asian International Students Association (CAISA) $20.00 Add
Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine at Western (CARRM) $10.00 Add
Canadian Feed the Children $5.00 Add
Canadian Italian Awareness Organization (CIAO) $15.00 Add
Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East $5.00 Add
Cancer Awareness Society $10.00 Add
CANFAR $5.00 Add
Caribbean Students’ Organization (CSO) $10.00 Add
Challenge and Change $5.00 Add
PlaceholderChildren Health Improvement (CHILD) $5.00 Add
Chinese Christian Club $5.00 Add
Chinese Cultural Games Club (CCGC) $15.00 Add
Chinese Students’ Association (CSA) $15.00 Add
Clash Royale Western (CRW) $5.00 Add
Comedy Club $5.00 Add
Concussion Awareness Society (CAS) $10.00 Add
Croatian Club $10.00 Add
PlaceholderCrohn’s and Colitis Club of Western $5.00 Add
DAN Management Students’ Association $15.00 Add
DECA U Western $15.00 Add
Dignitas Youth $5.00 Add
Duke of Edinburgh $5.00 Add
Dumbledore’s Army $10.00 Add
Empower UWO $5.00 Add
Envelope for Joy $5.00 Add
Exercise Is Medicine on Campus at Western University (EIM at Western) $10.00 Add
Fashion and Lifestyle Society $10.00 Add
Free The Children Western $10.00 Add
PlaceholderFreedom Thinkers $5.00 Add
Friends of Medicins Sans Frontieres $10.00 Add
German Club $10.00 Add
Global China Connection UWO $20.00 Add
Guitar Club $5.00 Add
Gujarati Students Association $15.00 Add
Habitat for Humanity Western $20.00 Add
HanVoice Western $5.00 Add
Heart and Stroke Club $5.00 Add
Hellenic Society $20.00 Add
Hindu Students’ Association $15.00 Add
Hip Hop Western $15.00 Add
PlaceholderHistory Society $10.00 Add
Indigenous Allies Society $5.00 Add
Indigenous Student Association $5.00 Add
Iranian Students Association $10.00 Add
Ismaili Students Association $10.00 Add
Israel On Campus $5.00 Add
Japanese Student Association $10.00 Add
Juggling Club $6.00 Add
Kidney Club of Western $5.00 Add
Knitting Society $5.00 Add
Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF) $10.00 Add
Lifeline Western $5.00 Add
London Bridges $5.00 Add
London Chinese Catholic Community (LCCC) $5.00 Add
Lupus Awareness Club (LAC) $7.00 Add
Magic the Gathering Association $5.00 Add
Makeup Inspiring Student Self-esteem (MISS) $5.00 Add
Meal Exchange $5.00 Add
Model United Nations Society $10.00 Add
Movies and Videos Productions Club $5.00 Add
Multiple Sclerosis Western $5.00 Add
Music Box Childrens Charity – Western $5.00 Add
Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) $15.00 Add
Nova Scientia $15.00 Add
OHM Charity Fashion Show $10.00 Add
Operation Smile Students Association $10.00 Add
Organ Advocacy Initiative (OAI) $5.00 Add
Oxfam Western $5.00 Add
Pakistani Students Association $10.00 Add
PlaceholderPalestinian Students Association $10.00 Add
Paper Art Club $5.00 Add
Polish Students’ Union $7.00 Add
Political Science Association $10.00 Add
PowerToChange $5.00 Add
Pre-Business Students’ Network (PBSN) $25.00 Add
Pre-Education Society $10.00 Add
Pre-Law Society $25.00 Add
Pre-Optometry Club $10.00 Add
Pre-Pharmacy Society $5.00 Add
Pre-Veterinary Society $5.00 Add
Preventing Abuse in Neighbourhoods $5.00 Add
Purple Yogis $15.00 Add
Right to Play Western $20.00 Add
Romanian Students Association $5.00 Add
Rotaract $10.00 Add
Run With Us (RWU) $10.00 Add
Russian University Students Association $10.00 Add
S.W.A.M. (Swimming with a Mission) $15.00 Add
Save the Children Western $5.00 Add
Seniors in I.T. $5.00 Add
Serbian Society of Western $5.00 Add
Sikh Students Association $5.00 Add
Smart Solutions $7.00 Add
Sociology Students Association $5.00 Add
Sonic Art Society $5.00 Add
South East Asian Association (SEAA) $5.00 Add
PlaceholderSpace Society of London $5.00 Add
PlaceholderSpanish American and Latin Student Association $25.00 Add
SpeakUp Western $5.00 Add
Spectrum @ UWO $10.00 Add
Sri Lankan Students’ Alliance $10.00 Add
Students Fight Parkinson’s $5.00 Add
Swing Kids $10.00 Add
Taiwanese Association at Western $15.00 Add
Tamil Students Association at Western $10.00 Add
Thaqalayn Muslim Association $5.00 Add
The Actuarial and Statistical Undergraduate Association (ASUA) $10.00 Add
The Butterfly Effect $10.00 Add
The Linguistics Society $7.00 Add
The Mathematics Society $5.00 Add
The Purple Spur Society $20.00 Add
Transitional Justice Club $5.00 Add
Trek for Teens $5.00 Add
Trivia Club $5.00 Add
Turkish Students’ Association $5.00 Add
UNICEF Western $5.00 Add
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines $10.00 Add
UWO Choir $40.00 Add
UWO Dance Force $110.00 Add
UWO Pre-Dental Society $15.00 Add
UWO Pre-Medical Society $15.00 Add
UWO Tea Club $12.00 Add
Vietnamese Student Association $10.00 Add
WeBall Western $10.00 Add
Western Accounting Association $10.00 Add
Western Adventist Students Association $5.00 Add
Western Anime Club $7.00 Add
Western Art Club $15.00 Add
Western Automotive Society $10.00 Add
Western Aviation Association $10.00 Add
Western Billiards Society $5.00 Add
Western Capital Markets $25.00 Add
Western Chamber Music $15.00 Add
Western Chess Club $10.00 Add
Western Climbing Club $15.00 Add
Western Coffee Club $10.00 Add
Western Crafting for a Cure $5.00 Add
Western Crypto $10.00 Add
Western Diabetes Association $8.00 Add
Western Egyptian Student Association $10.00 Add
Western Electronic Gaming Association $5.00 Add
Western Fishing Club $5.00 Add
Western Foodies $10.00 Add
Western for Ooch (WFO) $10.00 Add
Western Forex Association $20.00 Add
Western Founders Network $20.00 Add
Western French Club $10.00 Add
Western Hillel $5.00 Add
Western Hockey Community $10.00 Add
Western Indo-Canadian Students’ Association (WICSA) $15.00 Add
Western Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (WIVCF) $5.00 Add
Western Investment Club $25.00 Add
PlaceholderWestern Liberals $6.00 Add
Western Magic Community $5.00 Add
Western New Democrats $5.00 Add
Western Newman Catholic Students’ Club $10.00 Add
Western Ontario Organization of Filipinos (WOOF) $7.00 Add
Western Photography Club $10.00 Add
Western Piano Society $10.00 Add
Western Psychology Association $10.00 Add
PlaceholderWestern Punjabi Association $10.00 Add
PlaceholderWestern Real Estate Club $10.00 Add
Western Red Cross Club $7.00 Add
Western Sign Language Club $10.00 Add
Western Soccer Association $15.00 Add
Western Sport Business Club $15.00 Add
Western Stem Cell Club $5.00 Add
Western Strength $15.00 Add
Western Ukrainian Students Club $5.00 Add
Western University Conservatives $10.00 Add
Western University Technology Review $10.00 Add
Western University Vegan Society $10.00 Add
Western Wildlife Conservation Society $10.00 Add
Western Women in Leadership $10.00 Add
Western Young Tutors $10.00 Add
Western’s Marketing Association $15.00 Add
Women in STEM $20.00 Add
World University Service of Canada $10.00 Add
Wounds of Warriors $7.00 Add
WUKSA – Western University Korean Students’ Association $10.00 Add