Paper Art Club


Paper Art Club is the one and only paper-folding (origami) group at Western University. We are very friendly and open to all undergraduate Western students. Paper Art Club holds weekly meetings where we create a variety of items such as paper flowers, animals, and seasonal crafts using any kind of paper, including professional origami paper, newspaper, or recyclable items. At the meetings, club members can share their ideas and share different skills with each other in an informal environment, to help relieve some stress. Our biggest event is our Annual Valentine’s Day Rose Sale, where we sell beautiful paper roses to support a charity. We also hold an Origami Exhibition at the end of the year, where we showcase some of the crafts created by group members. There are also volunteer opportunities open throughout the year, including teaching origami to children at the London Public Library. This year, due to COVID-19, our club will be running online. Weekly meetings will be held through Zoom instead of in-person, and there will be a remote alternative (making resource kits) instead of the typical library volunteer sessions for teaching origami. If you’ve got any questions about the club, feel free to reach out to us through our socials or by email. Also, feel free to drop by our club’s week Zoom call to chat with one of our executives, and check out our slides (Powerpoint below, or here at

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