Muslim Students’ Association


The Western University Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) is the largest faith association on campus. Western MSA strives to provide an Islamic environment that empowers students to reach their potential. We represent and support the Muslim student body on campus by providing necessary services through the university such as Prayer Spaces, Chaplaincy, and advocating for academic, residence, and dietary accommodations. The MSA also provides the general student body with a medium by which to encounter and understand Islam and Muslims as individuals. We aim to provide our members with opportunities of Islamic educational and spiritual growth. Whether you are seeking spiritual, academic, or professional development, the MSA is here to host and provide events, programs, initiatives, campaigns, and resources catered to meet your needs as a Muslim student at Western! While our programming is largely catered towards providing a space for Muslim students to succeed, planning and attending MSA’s programming is open to all regardless of your religious affiliation.

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