African Students Association


The African Student’s Association (ASA) is a cultural club that celebrates and unites the diversity within the African Students here at Western University and in the City of London. We have a strong foundation in the emphasis and the unification of culture and we are strong believers in community. We actively engage in socio-political discourses ranging from the effects of diaspora, first generation and our identity as not just black students but African students in a an environment where we are an identified minority. Through it all, we provide a home away from home for African Students both new and familiar to Canada by hosting events such as putlocks, dances and socials that strengthen us a community. We believe in the success of all our members and provide anything from academic to social support in the very difficult university transition. We also focus on charity, and fund-raising for both local and international missions in a way to give back on a whole. We are a student-run ratified club that is trying everyday to break down social barriers, build a community and uplift all of our members and allies.

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