Stories in Motion

UWO Dance Force Presents: Stories in Motion. Throughout our 2019/2020 season, dancers and choreographers of UWO Dance Force have been working hard to create an experience for you through a series of epic performances. Every routine in our show will tell a unique story, and every member on our team of 100+ dancers will have a role in communicating those stories to the audience through dance. Our hope is that every dance in this show will ignite a feeling in our attendees. This year, our team is thrilled to be supporting the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada as our club-chosen charity. Come out to either of our shows on March 20th and March 21st at Wolf Performance Hall and support both our hard-working team of dancers, and the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.
Date: March 20th & 21st
Location: Wolf Performance Hall
Start time: 6pm
Ticket price: $25 

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