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The Purple Spur Society donates proceeds from our Annual Charity Fashion Show. Last year we raised over $9,000 for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, supporting them in their fight to combat discrimination. Our donation contributes to CCGSD’s mission to advocate for anti-oppression, educate people on diversity within the spectrum of gender and sexuality, and to build community and acceptance.

This year, we will be supporting True North Aid, and are honoured to help such an amazing cause. True North Aid focuses on Northern Indigenous communities working to provide individuals access to basic essentials. Check out the True North Aid website (https://truenorthaid.ca/) to learn more about the actionable steps they are taking to help indigenous communities. In advance of this year’s Show – and in light of the potential ticket sales decline due to COVID-19 – we are requesting your donations. This will help ensure that we can create an amazing show and take meaningful action in our fight against inequality. We understand that these are hard times and not everyone is in a position to donate but there is plenty that you can do. This page (https://truenorthaid.ca/resources/) will take you to a number of resources in which you can educate yourself on the systemic mistreatment of indigenous people in our country. Additionally, (for my mustangs) this resource (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mJOlpVSGNkW7OKvxpGXQh0yANpjOZMk2/view) provides details for minority individuals looking to find their community on campus. Every donation is greatly appreciated, and I thank you for supporting charity, art, education, and the future of the Spur Fashion Show.
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