MSA Fashion for Humanity

Hello beautiful ladies! Join us for our FIFTH Annual Fashion Show in which all the proceeds are used to sponsor our NOW 7 (!!!) friends in Kenya!

We are so grateful for the years of support. Thanks to God and the support of the community including all of you incredible women who attended or supported, we were able to exceed our goal of sponsoring 6 orphans and now sponsor a seventh orphan ALHAMDULILLAH!

Join us for a night of glamour, generosity, and celebration! What are we celebrating? Female empowerment, unity, and best of all – we are celebrating coming together for a good cause.

We invite you to come dressed in your cultural attire if you would like! We want to show the beauty that lies in every culture, and how women from all around the world come together to celebrate one another and work towards a goal as amazing as the sponsorship of orphans.

We have many brands that celebrate our cause in their clothes, as well as please your eyes with their dazzling colours and incredible designs!

Be ready to, not only have an amazing time watching the show but to also: win prizes, take part in a red carpet photo shoot, and go home feeling celebrated and empowered!

If you sign up in a group of 5, you get a $5 discount on each ticket!


EVENT DATE: Sunday, March 1st – 6:30 pm
LOCATION: Mustang Lounge – in UCC
COST: $30 (or $25 with a group of 5)
DRESS CODE: Cultural attire (or whatever your heart desires)
CAUSE: Sponsoring 7 orphans in Kenya!

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