London Chinese Catholic Community


Welcome to the London Chinese Catholic Community (LCCC for short). Despite the name, we are a club open to anyone who may be interested in the Roman Catholic faith or is looking for a community here at Western. University can be daunting, with many new experiences presented to us at once. At LCCC, our goal is to provide a safe space for those who are looking to meet new friends and explore the Catholic faith. LCCC is among a network of Chinese Catholic communities within the Ontarian universities. We host meetings where we discuss different themes within our faith, pray together, and share our experiences. We also love to host many activities outside of school, such as bowling, group dinners, holiday parties, etc. Every year, we also gather at one of the other Ontarian universities for JU local visit; an event where all the different CCC’s get together and grow in faith with each other. We hope to see you soon and look forward to you becoming a part of the LCCC family here at Western!

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