Feminist Justice Coalition


Feminist Justice Coalition (FJC) is about creating feminist community, fostering conversation, engaging in advocacy and providing opportunities for education on campus. FJC provides western students an opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals oriented towards intersectional feminist ideals. FJC strives to provide students with a safer space to explore and learn and engage with new and familiar feminist topics. In this way, FJC is committed to anti-oppressive practice and the ongoing work of providing safer spaces and accessible spaces. As a club with a coalitional approach, FJC is concerned with focusing on specific issues and building our communities capacity to support one another and take action. We are not concerned with individual?s identity as a requisite for club participation, FJC welcomes and encourages all Western students to reach out, interact and participate in club activities. Within an intersectional feminist lens, FJC is committed to reproductive justice advocacy on the Western campus. FJC recognizes that reproductive justice is grounded in the politic that the creation of a family is a human right, encompassing other human rights such as a safe and clean environment, clean drinking water, community, bodily autonomy, choice and education. Have more questions? Find us on social media at Feminist Justice Coalition or email us!

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