Breakdancing Society


The UWO Breakers Society has been around for many years now and is a large club committed to teaching, competing, and performing the street dance known as B-boy/B-girl (Breakdancing). Whether you want to impress your friends at parties or everybody at a club, breakdancing is the flashiest and the most social form of dancing. If you want to stay active this year while meeting the warmest and friendliest people of Western, this may be the club for you. We will hold zoom/in-person classes to guys and girls of all ages and experience levels, with a huge focus on beginner technique. New students will learn foundational moves and steps, as well as stretching and strength exercises that can help them progress to dynamic and flashy dance styles regardless of what shape and ability they have when they join. We pride ourselves on having dedicated teachers coupled with excellent dance lessons for just $5. The club runs many different social events throughout the year including Hip Hop History movie nights, nightclub performances/outings (contingent on COVID this year), and guest instructor workshops. We are well known for the competitions that we host each year which attract some of the best dancers from across Canada and the U.S. Our club is also famous around campus for our numerous electrifying performances for charities, clubs, and private functions. Look for us during Club’s Week or send a message to our facebook page at for more information, as we’re happy to accept new members at any time throughout the year.

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