Privacy Policy

Our Relationship With You Is Important To Us

We want to provide you with value added service on an ongoing basis and to establish a long-lasting relationship with you that will grow and change to meet your needs.

With your permission, we may collect, use and disclose Personal Information about you to

  • identify you and communicate with you generally
  • process your orders and/or applications
  • establish and maintain a relationship with you, and to provide you with ongoing service
  • develop an understanding of your needs and eligibility for products and services and to bring you offers from the USC
  • administer contests, rebates and other promotions
  • protect you, and us, against error and fraud
  • administer merchandise refunds/exchanges
  • comply with legal requirements

We do not provide directly all the products and services related to your relationship with us. We may use selected third party service providers/business partners to process or handle Personal Information on our behalf and to assist us with various services such as printing, mail distribution, marketing and product/service fulfillment, and you acknowledge that we may release information about you to them. Some of our selected third party service providers/business partners may be located outside of Canada. As a result, your Personal Information may be accessible to regulatory authorities in accordance with the laws of other jurisdictions.

The USC utilizes third-party data collection for some of the services that are provided. For clarity on which third-party providers are involved in data collection, refer to the respective privacy policies for those services (i.e., bus pass, health plan, the USC clubs system, etc…).

The USC retains your Personal Information only as long as required for our reasonable business and/or legal needs. Your Personal Information may also be used to create statistics about our business. These statistics would not contain any information that could identify you personally. To contact those responsible for data protection and collection, please email the Data Protection Officer (DPO), Geoff Pimlatt, at The USC does not collect personal data to make automated decisions.

For merchandise refunds and exchanges, we may ask that you provide us with your name, address and telephone number for audit and fraud prevention purposes. Valid photo ID may be required to confirm this information. This information is collected, used and retained to help us ensure that refunds and exchanges are valid (in each case and over time).

You Can Choose Not To Receive Direct Marketing

We may inform you about products or services by mail, e-mail, text-message, telephone or other means. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing, simply contact us and tell us that you do not wish to be contacted in a particular manner. As some solicitation files may have been created prior to your request, there may be a period of time after the date of your request during which time you may receive additional marketing.

Your Personal Information will not be used or disclosed without your consent, except where required or permitted by law.

We will not sell your Personal Information to any organization, for any purpose.

User Access Request

Upon request, the USC will provide the following information free of charge:

  • What personal information pertaining to the user is being processed
  • Why this information is being processed
  • Who has access to this personal information about the user
  • How this personal information is being used in automated decisions
  • What processes are using this information

If such a request is made, the USC will provide the above information within 30 days of request. To obtain this information, please contact the DPO via


Reviewed and updated: July 19, 2018