In January 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) announced reforms to post-secondary education which required institutions to classify ancillary fees as essential (mandatory) or non-essential (optional), as per Ministry guidelines. The policy requires that students be given the option to opt-out of paying fees that are deemed non-essential by the Ministry. 

There are a number of valuable programs and services that are classified as optional under the Student Choice Initiative, many of which are solely funded by student ancillary fees. Opting-out of these fees means that your experience here at Western may be impacted. Through this site, you have the ability to opt back in by paying some or all of these fees.

We believe these programs and services play a vital role in providing the best student experience for all undergraduate students at Western. While you may not directly benefit from the programs and services that these fees provide, we encourage you to rethink the impact that your decision to opt-out will have on your peers at Western and the overall student experience on our campus.

You can find out more about the fees at https://www.saveyourstudentexperience.ca/

It is your responsibility to confirm the fees you have opted out of prior to opting back in to ensure you do not double pay. Please view your fee bill at https://student.uwo.ca prior to completing this form.

Fee Name (click for details)FeeAction
Fee Payment
Only use this payment portal if you have been directed here by a Western USC official representative. When your Western USC Storefront Order  email arrives showing your payment, you must forward it as directed to ensure your payment is successfully processed.
– Government Advocacy Fee
Your voice is heard by Western administration and all levels of government through the USC. The USC advocates for increased supports for students, a safe campus community, and affordable and accessible tuition. Recent advocacy wins include the approval of permanent Fall Reading Week, introduction of a revised medical note policy, allowance of preferred first names on university documents, investment of improved lighting on campus, implementation of LTC express bus routes, and more. By opting-in, you will enhance the USC's ability to advocate on your behalf and represent your interests to the university and at each level of government on issues like transit, financial aid, academic policies, and mental health supports.
– Student Life Fee
You can attend any of the more than 4,000 USC events that take place every year like PurpleFest, BeerFest, Theatre Western performances, Rick's Wednesdays, concerts, conferences and speaker series. All of these events are part of the vibrant, inclusive student experience made possible through this fee, by the USC. If you opt-in, you may be benefit from lower ticket prices or have greater access to USC events.
– Student Initiative Grants
You can apply for grants to run innovative programs, attend conferences and create club events with and for other students. The USC administers the application process and has resources to help you run events. If you opt-in, you will enhance the USC’s ability to provide grants that support student activities.
– Community Legal Services Fee
You can help provide free legal advice and representation to Western students and members of the London community through Community Legal Services. Legal services are funded by Western's University Students' Council, Western's Faculty of Law, the Fanshawe Student Union, Legal Aid Ontario, and the Law Foundation of Ontario. If you opt-in, you will increase the funding available to support recipients of free Community Legal Services through this program.
– Gazette Fee
Since 1906, the Gazette has covered what matters to students. As Western's largest student media outlet, we need your help to keep campus informed and entertained. If you opt-in, the Gazette's coverage and training for students will be enhanced.
– Radio Western Fee
You can listen to radio content created by Western students and community members through Radio Western, unique in London for its ability to highlight local news and culture. You can also participate in their volunteer training programs and learn more about marketing and promotions, conducting interviews, writing and airing news reports, sports broadcasting, and radio production. If you opt-in, you will enhance Radio Western's ability to cover campus news and provide professional development opportunities in radio to all undergraduate students.
– Student Refugee Program Fee
You can support student refugees attending Western University in a safe and supportive environment in Canada. This unique program includes academic supports to help with both the resettlement and university experience. If you opt-in, you will enhance the funding available to student refugees through this program. 
– Daycare Fee
You can help support students with children by providing them with safe, convenient, and accessible childcare on campus. This helps remove barriers to education, enabling more students to attend university. If you opt-in, you will increase the funding available to support students with children through this program.
– Marching Band Fee
You can support the tradition and excellence of the Western Marching Band! Established in 1937, they perform at athletic games, parades and festivals and are one of the largest marching bands in Canada. If you opt-in, you will enhance the Marching Band's ability to perform at events and promote school spirit at Western.
– Faculty and Affiliate Councils Fee
You can experience exciting events and leadership opportunities with people in your faculty, or affiliate university-college (Huron, Brescia, Kings) by supporting Faculty and Affiliate Councils. These councils host concerts, guest speakers, academic conferences, and more. They also advocate for student needs at a faculty and/or affiliate university-college level. If you choose to opt-in, you will increase the funding available for your academic faculty or affiliate university-college.
– Student Bursary Fund
This fee goes to support needs-based bursaries for students who are or previously were OSAP eligible. Opting into of this fee will increase the funding available to students requiring needs based funding.